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 Motorcycles, moto movement, moto clubs - it is our - motorcyclists everyday life and an integral part of recreation. Indeed a large part of our lives, the living, we both we find yourself new friends and acquaintances as well as protect and nurturing, your old, already tested in life boyfriend relationship. I believe that it is precisely this mutual relationship, it is worth to live in this so exciting, interesting and full of adventures bikers life. Since every one of us in personal lives in the first place is our family, work second, and the third place motorcyclists movement, or so-called our rest, according to the following priorities of every motorcyclist should be the motto of the club and motorcyclists living in our clubs. Relaxing in the total club membership circle, of course, we must also respect other similar club members and their motto of club life. You may find that some bikers living God be so, that the motto of the movement become those of a single entity - both in family, work and rest. Then on (this is my personal opinion), should be happy if these three things are connected in one - personal motor cycle life. The bikers life, of course, different from the other, but she still has by his beautiful and enjoyable for anyone who is a resident. Sacrificing themselves for such a life, you can not ask for more from others, as you do on a daily basis ask itself, what you can do and also do the same. We, bikers life is sacred with its laws both clubs and the motto of the move itself. Everything that happens outside of our motorcyclists lives are quite different, there reigns the laws of humanity, and this is normal. Also, the movement's motto and the motto of the club rules are human, because that humanity has any serious bikers and motorcycle club's foundation. With respect for and in compliance with these laws, you do key: preserve and improve themselves, their motto of the club and its team.

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четверг 20 июл



суббота 01 июл

Free Hawks MC 20 Years

2017 godu v gorode Madona moto klubu Free Hawks izpolnajetsja 20 let

суббота 03 сен

Biker Bingo

Развлечения,хорошая компания.

суббота 02 июл


Мотопарад,конкурсы на мотоциклах и другие мероприятия.

суббота 28 май


Катание детей,вечерняя тусовка.

суббота 21 май

Paintball tournament


суббота 14 май

Poker night party


суббота 23 апр


Хорошая музыка,еда,напитки.

суббота 05 сен

Biker Bingo

Гостиница, Ресторан, Бар

суббота 04 июл


Free Hawks MC приглашает на международный слет байкеров в Мадоне. Программа: 12:00 Собираемся на заправке “Latvijas Nafta”, ул Саулес 46, Мадона Latt:56.861158/Lont:26.229143 13:00 Парад вокруг Мадоны 14:00-16:00 Показательные выступления на мотоцикле (Янис Розитис) 16:00-18:00 Мотоатракционы на городской эстраде Мадоны 19:00-00:00 Живая музыка на городской эстраде Мадоны с участием групп “Apvedceļs”, “SuperStar Orchestra и Иво Фоминса. Для дам вход бесплатный, для господ вход на эстраду 10.00 евро Слет поддерживают: городская дума Мадоны, ООО “Rukart”, OOO “Asigne”, OOO” CFMOTO Madona”, OOO “Motul”, OOO” Henis”, магазин “Papēdis” и Латвийская Асоциация Мотоклубов. Слет организует: MC FREE HAWKS LATVIA Подробнее о слете на нашем сайте:www.freehawks.lv Следуй с нами на странице: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Hawks-MC/136755613044335


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