Motochapter is a homepage that helps unite the biker movement. Any biker can be a member of the website, regardless of gender and age.

Registered users of the website have access to all biker life information, as well as the opportunity to take part in it.

A member can:

1. Creating the profile, to share photos, videos or other information with other members.

2. Establish an affinity group or join an existing club.

3. Download the MOTOCHAPTER application for free, which provides navigation both online and offline, with the option to find the current location of friends on the map, moto events, services, stores, any address and get to the right place, as well as to mark interesting places on the map, attaching photos and comments to the marks; recommend these places to others, share impressions of a trip or travel. The MOTOCHAPTER navigation works without connection to Internet as well: it means no additional expenses during your travel.

4. Organize the route, find the fellow travellers and, on request, share information about your location during the route (in the form of navigation application) with other members of the website, as well as leave reviews and photos about the location.

5. In case of emergency, get the help using the SOS button. Our motorcyclists being nearby will rush to help.

6. Upon your request, you will have the opportunity to join the Mutual Assistance Fund: by making a small annual fee, receive help and support, having got into an unpleasant life situation (hospital, prison, etc.). Now, this option is under construction.

7. Have access to existing events, as well as organize your own events in the “Calendar” section.

8. Buy, sell or exchange anything in the “Advertisements” section.

9. In the “Store” section, you can have the opportunity to purchase goods at the best prices. (Currently, this option is under construction).

If you are a member (a candidate) of a really existing motor club and the club is registered on this website, select it from the existing list and after confirmation from the President of the club, the name of this club will appear in your profile. Also, you will automatically receive access to the confidential information posted on the page of your club, accessible only for the members.

If your club is not yet registered on the website, select “No in the list”. Enter the name of the REALLY EXISTING CLUB and its type (MC, MCC, RC, MG, OC, etc.), as well as the contact phone number and the address of the clubhouse. After verifying the authenticity of the club's existence and your belonging to it, an automatic registration will occur and the club's editing rights are received by the person who indicated the name of his club first.

Virtual clubs exist on this website (not related to really existing clubs) and unite motorcyclists by interests, simplify interconnection among like-minded persons. Any member registered on this website can create a new or join an existing virtual club.

Click on “Join the club” in order to join an existing virtual club and the founder of the virtual club will answer your request. If you want to establish your own virtual club, go to your profile, select “Establish a club” and fill out the proposed form.

A private club means the broader rights of the club's founder compared to other members of it. “Only for members of the club” points out at the level of confidentiality of the information published on the page of the virtual club.

Conditions of registration:

I confirm that all information provided by me on the website is reliable, both during registration and further use of this website. In case of detection of false information, the website administrator has the right to block this user without explaining the reasons. I undertake to be honest in relation to other members, not to pursue mercenary goals and, if necessary, to give a helping hand.

In case of violation of the generally accepted rules of behaviour, the administration has the right to delete comments, photos and video materials of users without prior notice. In case of repeated violation of the aforementioned rules, the administration has the right to delete the user profile.


All Moto clubs and MOTOCHAPTER members, in the event of changes in their status, must report about this to the MOTOCHAPTER administration.

In the event that the MOTOCHAPTER administration receives information that during registration of Clubs, members of Clubs or other Members false or incomplete information has been indicated or if the Club/Member has not informed the MOTOCHAPTER administration about changes in his status, the MOTOCHAPTER administration may change the status of the Club/Member without agreeing with them, switch the Club to another status or delete the Club/Member. The Club/Member will be informed by the administration about it.


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